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  • Games posted right on the top are the latest games,The games are not stacked according to best and worst

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

DragonBall Xenoverse 2

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DragonBall Xenoverse PC

DragonBall Xenoverse PC

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Use the Password Given on

the site

Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 (Open world)

Status Unfinished

  1. Updated world map
  2. character transformations

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 ZED-U By Ara-Vind (Pre Alpha)

BY Ara-Vind
Please read the read-me before installation

Game Release Jul 1st, 2014

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Dragon Ball Z Test made with unity Beta 1

 By legendbotha

Download Now V2

Vegeta Bot Included


  1. Extract the file
  2. Click on 'New folder 2 html"
  3. Wit for game to load
  4. Play

Download Now V1


  1. Extract the File
  2.  Click on dbztest folder
  3.  Click on the 'New Folder' HTML Document
  4.  Wait for Game to start
  5.  Play



Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2Beta 1
Z Warrior Chronicles SVN Releases

 Revision 83

  • Bot support {Press l key to activate}
  • Multiplayer
  • Story mode of kid Gohan

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Download Now #2

you need to make an account for this

Revision 72
  • Includes Multiplayer for the first time
  • Bot support
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Z Warrior Chronicles

 Review by author-

"Z Warrior Chronicles" is an independent project being worked on by me (Xatoku) based off of the popular Dragonball Z franchise by Akira Toriyama.

This project has been going since early April 2011, and has had multiple offers of support from the ZEQ2 Lite community, which has been- and still is - greatly appreciated.

The aim of this project is to emulate the Dragonball Z world in an Action/RPG type scenario,and tell the story of the Z Fighters as best it can. The gameplay is best described as a combination of Legacy of Goku 2 & Dragonball Z Sagas on the GBA & Playstation 2 respectively, along with a ton of Anime inspired gameplay elements as well.

Production is naturally at a slow but steady pace due to the development team being only me, but I've invested all of my free time into this project and have no intention on stopping any time soon.
December 26th
2011 Release

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 Dragon Ball Heroes of our Destiny -DragonBall Hood

Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod

 Download Now

Note-Unreal tournament 2004 required to play this mod

Download Instructions

Download Unreal Tournament 2004

Instructions To Play DB Hood
1-Download UT2004
2-Install UT2004 In C drive so that address looks like C:\Unreal Tournament 2004
3-Download Dragon Ball Z Hood
4-Install it in UT2004 Folder it should look like C:\Unreal Tournament 2004\Dbzhood
5-Start UT2004
6-Go to community
7-Click user mods
8-Click on Dragon Ball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny
9-Click on host game select your settings and start playing

Saviour of Strength (alpha2 + source code)

DragonBall Tactics 4.1Working version with full screen

Review by Developer  

Dragon ball Tactics is a quick and flexible dragon ball z remake, which like no other Dragon ball z game re-creates the full speed and 3d nature which is associated with Dragon ball Z. Dragon ball Tactics is a no limited player multiplayer game with bot support

 ZEQ2 LITE Public Beta 2(Build Verson}

Download Link

{THIS IS THE HARD WAY}{But in this way you will be able to update the game}

Watch The Video tutorial on how to download the game,

How to download the build

Step 1: Download TortoiseSVn, make sure 64bit users have the 64bit version. And install it

Step 2: Make a new folder.
Step 3: Right click on the folder and do svn => fresh checkout
Step4: Give this link for the build: http://ZEQ2.com/SVN/Build and This one for the addons: http://ZEQ2.com/SVN/Media/Addons

How to install the addons

For Perfectcell you will see a pk3 file, although something went wrong making it, you'll need winrar to extract the files.

Then you copy the Scripts/players folder into your ZEQ2 folders and merge them.

The maps should be real pk3's so simply moving them should give you Baldwin's map.

Information on cell: Cell is not supposed to be selected at a lower powerlevel, If you do select him you will get your health drained because of that.

Cell is a biogenetic android so his fatigue system works really different compared to other characters..You will have to be carefull with planning your attacks.

If a server is not completely updated it will not support the addons/updates made.

This is a easy way{But this is the non updatable verson}


The next beta of zeq2 lite has finally released and its come out with a bang,Graphics and gameplay have increased  enormously

Characters like goku,vegeta,krillin,nappa,freeza,raditz,picollo with their own special attacks and soundtracks along with voices  have been added

Maps like the Namek map the desert map where goku and vegeta fought and the last stand map have made this game to addictive to stay away from

Features like the server browser and the new chat have been added

There is no chance any dbz fan who wont get addicted to this

Dragon Ball Z: The Destruction is Real v1.1

Standalone Release


This high action packed dbz game will give you everything that dbz has to offer,50 characters and mostly every transformation,superb gameplay,lots of originality.This game was the best of its time it was a mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II.And now is a complete standalone game and still has the reputation to give a challenge to the current dbz pc games

Download Standalone version


This version is the same as above


Dragon Ball Z: The Destruction is Real


 Lemming Ball Z

 Lemming Ball Z

A new dbz game has arrived and is set to give the all the 3d games a run for their engine

this is lemmming ball z a 3d side scrolling dbz game with outstanding gameplay  

 Saviour of strength (SOS)

An alpha verson of the game has released which is a standalone game

Play this only if your a die hard dbz fan or a game tester

graphics of the game are supposed to be worse than bid for power

 Bid For Power 5 Final 2010

 Bid For Power 5 Final 2010

The latest installment to the bfp series has arrived. New improved graphics ,more maps,more characters,enhanced gameplay will make this game worth downloading

But sadly no story mode and official server




ZEQ2 LITE Public Beta 1


Dragon Ball Z -ZEQ2 LITE

The new and impressive Dbz Game in 3d challenges the PS2 Game dbz budokai tenkaichi 2

The game supports offline as well as multiplayer upto 16 players This is one game which all dbz fans should download

you can play with goku,raditz and piccolo in the beta .the next beta 2  release will be out soon

meanwhile enjoy this one hell of a fighter game

Bid For Power 4 Final [2009] 

 Well this is the newest verson of the bid for power franchise a major update has been put into the game

135 characters, 55 maps and updated graphics makes this game to look out for 

you will find a lot of changes in this game so go ahead and download


Earths Special Forces-The Final 


The final beta of earths special forces is here and is looking to take down some competition 

expect better graphics than db source and better gameplay

Note-This is the beta which is going to get you ready for Final Release of Earths Special Forces


Download Links

 Note-This is a Half Life 1 Mod

Download Half life 1 From here

Download  Now `


DragonBall Online-Japan and korea Release 

The legendary dragonball series has come to life

and has finally come for the pc.The game is powered by Akira Toryama

Its a total multiplayer game with a storymode of your choice

i mean you will select a race from the given races and start your journey

Download links 

Download And Instructions Here


Help and support Forum

Dragon Ball Source

The new and improved verson of Eaths special forces is here with better graphics,gameplay and multiplayer

but sadly the game is not being updated for a long time

many characters ample stages and superb graphics makes this a game worth downloading

Download Links

No need to buy Half Life 2 to play DB Source anymore To Play This game download Team Fortress 2 Which is now a Free game.

TF2 Contains HL2 Files which will allow you to play Dragon Ball Source

Download Team Fortress 2 Here

Please download it from steam or buy it

After downloading  TF2 Download DragonBall Source Below

DragonBall Source 400MB

(How to Install DBS!)

Install DB Source to TF2 Directory

 DBZ Earths Special Forces

One of the biggest and best dbz games for the pc before zeq2 lite this game ruled the streets

excellent gameplay ,mostly all characters and transformations and the original anime series stages to fight in

.An all time best  game which has been updated to the maximum.

expect everything and anything in this one

 Download Links

In order to play this game you should have half life 1 on your pc


Download Here

Earths Special Forces{install this in your half life destination folder



you can either log in to orkut for now later help instructions will be posted


Dragon Mod Z Classic 

The game is a very old Dragon Ball Z Mod for Half Life 1,Not recommended for users due to very bad graphics

Download this game only if you are a collector or  a tester

Download Links

You will need half life 1 for this game Go Here

Download Game

 DragonBallZ Bid For Power 1.2 Full Original game

The first 3D dbz game which released for the pc

  about 5 years ago and is been transformed into a Full blown dbz game

in its early years it was a mod for QUAKE 3 but now has become a totally independent game, great graphics ,ample amount of characters offline  as well as online support

this game is a must download to start your dbz journey

Decisive Battle Quake Full Standalone

[STANDALONE] it use Quake 1 shareware. Cooperative + deathmatch. Updated Darkplaces. Work online. Added some Bid for Power maps (Quake 3) type in console: map Dapalace2; map Snakeway; map KameHB1. KEYS: wads = move / space = jump / mouse1 = shot / mouse2 = SSJ / mouse3 = special power / q = set teleport point / e = teleport / r = charge / g = kaioken / f = fly / forward = fly forward / left = decrease speed / right = increase speed / t = chat / home = screenshot (TGA format) / c = change the view / Tab = show scores / y = rejection (???) / SHIFT = scouter / CTRL = find drago

Download Now v2.0

Download Now v1

DragonBall Doom Standalone

DragonBall Doom Standalone

Download Now

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