This is the page where upcoming events of DBZ PC Games Will be Posted Work in progress

Work in progress

Bid For Power 5 Final Releasing Q3-4 2011

The last and final version of the first 3d dbz pc games ever is going to be releasing in Q3-4 2011

this game will have a story mode feature just like the console games,The trailer will be shown in july

Still no word on online servers

ZEQ2 LITE Build Version Tournament 2011 

The next zeq2 lite tournament has started for the svn build revision game,In this tournament participants will able to use super saiyan forms

18 users are taking part in the tournament which will be starting in 28th of may to june

for information,help and rules please visit the tournament topic

 Dragonball Z Galactic Warriors Releasing Q3 2011

This new 2D RPG GAME Will be releasing IN Q3 2011 


Download the demo here


Official ZEQ2 Lite World Tournament 2011 February 7th-March

The zeq2 forums will be conducting the second World tournament

The tournament consists of 44 players from all over the world,Matches will be starting from February 7th

The tournament will be played on a special Tournament map which is already ready to download

Guests and spectators are free to come and watch the matches,Judges must contact the forums

For more information and help go here

Tournament Map

Download links and help

go here for Downloading the map and also ask help there



Download here

Here is the video to confirm it

We are fully tracking this story.But it is not certain that the name is going to be "zeq2 public beta 2"

Ask your questions and give your suggestions here

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